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School Booster Club Fundraiser
Looking for easy fundraising products for your high school booster clubs, school athletic booster clubs, football booster clubs, cheerleader fundraiser, church fundraiser or PTA fundraiser event?

Look no further! A.G.A.S. is one of the leading fundraising products manufacturers and your
one-stop-shop for school fundraisers and booster club fundraising products, whatever your fundraising need may be. We offer a wide array of fundraising products including: custom flags for fundraising, customized seat cushions for fundraising, customized caps for fundraising, customized t-shirts for fundraising, customized fleece blankets for fundraising and many more easy fundraising products.

Each unique fundraiser idea has four pre-set plans to choose from so you can easily see what your fundraising products net profit will be. Choose from bronze, silver, gold or platinum plans - we have the perfect fundraising plan for every pocket! Don't forget- we are the fundraising products manufacturer!

This means lower prices for your fundraising products and better service for you. Our full time staff of graphic designers can help you create the perfect customized design to use with your fundraising product. If you have any questions about our fundraising products or would like to purchase some of our fundraising products,

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Remember! We are the fundraising products manufacturer!

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